The Crown of Illiria Pt. 3&4

The adventurers explored the forgotten tomb of West Pauper Way where the dead of Bradhall lay.

Locking skills with lock picking and the strength to break down heavy iron doors, the adventurers resorted to teleporting past certain doors, meaning the way back and out was blocked. In the crypt of Ludolf Brad hall (Aiden’s father) they slew his ghast and many ghouls. They found a miniature castle and later discovered that a family of shrunken gnomes hid in the castle for 9 years now.

In the crypt of Aiden Bradhall they had hoped to find the mummy lord himself but instead found that the room shrank any who stood in it. In the crypt of Tabitha (Aiden’s warrior sister) they discovered a vase on the ground and thought it to be Toll’s phylactery. It wasn’t, but grabbing it alerted the Demilich. Fortunately, the adventures defeated the Lich but knew he would be back in a day.

In the servant’s crypt they found a young girls ghost who pleaded for them to find her eye and to put her brothers to rest. They sorted through her riddle and put the brothers back in their proper crypts though they chose not to pull the lever in the room for fear of the portal it might open. Wandering down the hall, they happened upon a miniature room hidden behind a small tunnel in the wall. There, several mini Minotaur skeletons guarded a mini phylactery. The adventures managed to grasp the phylactery only to discover it was trapped and fake.

In the lich’s throne hall they found their quarry, the mummy Lord Aiden Bradhall. They attacked and in the ensuing battle destroyed the mummies and upon destroying Aiden, he turned into fine dust and drifted east, towards his heart. Here too there was a fake phylactery.

The adventurers teleported to a small hideaway cavern they had discovered and slept. But the horrors of the room were too much for Iona who had too many nightmares to sleep. Regardless, the adventurers traveled back to Ludolf’s Crypt and met the gnomes, thinking the phylactery or heart were inside the castle. But while they talked, a Nalfashnee demon, Angfurka, arrived and offered to trade the mummy lord’s heart for freedom from the tomb. The adventurers declined his trade and attacked, Angfurka fled when the turned against him and now the adventurers are in pursuit!

Can they retrieve the mummy’s heart before Angfurka destroys it out of spite and so prevents them from learning of the Crown of Illiria? And even then, the mummy lord Aiden will not be regenerated from the Heart for 13 hours. But the Demilich toll Bradhall will be regenerated in only four hours. Can they survive the Demilich long enough to speak with the mummy lord?

The Crown of Illiria Pt. 2

The Adventurers enjoyed the hospitality of the kindly old halfling, Jayna Cloud and stayed in her estate. After Raja charmed her with a tale of the Dwarves of the Khazi, she granted them entrance to the private archives of her library as well as the knowledge of the Circle of Teleportation for her Territory and to Corrence Hellen’s property.

Her appointed Master of the Arcane, a human named Kal Rimador, begrudgingly helped the adventurers find the information they sought in the libraries. They discovered much about the horrific resistances and powers of a demilich and a bit about the Bradhall family. They also discovered that the next night there was to be a “Fog”, which is a heavy concentration of poisonous coal smog that comes once every month and that the Charadil people celebrate as a vacation from work.

Meanwhile, Lasandra met with a fellow changeling, Delaine. He told her that Garreth “Greataxe” Dunn was one of the adventurers who had originally sealed the Bradhall family tomb up. Delaine let Lasandra know that Bradhall family treasure was never found in the tomb, meaning it’s still down there. He claimed to have a false identity of a lost descendant of the Bradhall line so would stand to inherit any treasure that is found within the tomb. He offered to split the treasure with her 50/50 if she were to retrieve a copy of the Bradhall family Seal for him. This seal is necessary for him to “prove” he’s of the Bradhall line. Lasandra chose not to share this information with the other adventurers.

That night, the adventurers travelled with Jayna Cloud by way of Master Rimador’s teleportation circle to Corrence Hellen’s Pentagonal estate. There, they witnessed a slow semi-public discussion of defense planning between Count Joshua Monbank, King Corrence Hellen, and Lady Jayna Cloud. The discussion grew heated when Hellen suggested asking for Damakos’ help and Monbank chastised him as not caring about the small folk. Hellen insulted Monbank for his days as the vigilante, “The Hang Man” and for his role in slaying Xavier Kal. In response. Monbank accused Hellen of assassinating Qynin Telesith and Kalia Talhite. Hellen grew irate, threatened Monbank and demanded he leave his property. Eventually Danthgar made comments saying that Damakos is evil and speaking of his devil army. Hellen’s rage turned on Danthgar and he and his companions were ordered out. They returned with Jayna Cloud to her estate.

The next day the adventurers traveled to a castle like inn called “The Fort” located in the property of Daniel Raclor. As Daniel Raclor was outside of the city, they did not meet with the Property Lord. At The Fort they met with Garreth “Greataxe” Dunn, who was excited to see Danthgar as he believed they had met before. Danthgar played along with the ruse, creating a game on the fly that resulted in Iona having to drink 20 shots. Fortunately, Raja’s quick use of minor illusion fooled Garreth Dunn into thinking Iona had drank it all even though Iona dumped it all out.

While speaking with Garreth Dunn, the adventurers were conscious of the fact that his son, Jonah Dunn, is on I’angui’Ka’s list of names. They asked him about this and Dunn told them Damakos’ “people” had already come asking about him but that he didnt want to tell them anything about his son. However, after some persuasion and convincing that they weren’t with Damakos, Garreth told the adventurers that his son had his laboratory somewhere in the Styth Wetlands.

Furthermore, their conversation with Garreth told them that the tomb of the Bradhall family contains: 14 mummies, 1 mummy lord, an unspecified number of Shadows, an unspecified number of Will-o-wisps, 11 ghouls, a ghast that was once Ludolf Bradhall, four beholder zombies, and the demilich of Toll Bradhall. He also furnished them with a map that has the outline of the dungeon along with chamber names.

The adventurers spent the rest of the day purchasing goods they thought necesarry for the tomb and eventually travelled to 828 West Pauper Way. They entered the cellar as the evening Fog poured into the abandoned tenement house and came face to face with the Shield Guardian. Not wanting to risk an encounter with it, Raja used polymorph to stop it from being a threat. They then stepped beyond the threshold, over come with horror and terror as the necromantic power of Toll Bradhall seeped into them, and descended into the tomb.

They discovered that the stairs had been smoothed down into a ramp meant to drop any intruders into a sharp pit of spikes. Danthgar struggled to avoid this trap and was about to jump into the spike pit when the Wizards deciding to clue him in to their plan to cast fly on Danthgar. With everyone moved into the entry chamber, they began to look around the room. When Danthgar poked a pillar with his 10ft pole, four beholders descended from the ceiling! A battle ensued and fortunately only the Beholders were slain. With the beholder zombies dead, the adventurers continued exploring the room. They concluded that the three altars were of no special significance, they ignored the stone door in the Northeast wall, witnessed the strange green fire glowing in the water well but chose not to touch the water, and found three levers in the three open mouths of the hydra statue. Elias used his mage hand to pull the levers without consequence. The middle lever caused the mouth to snap down on his mage hand, the east lever was never pulled, and the west lever caused a passage to open up behind the statue. Raja crawled through the passage and discovered it led to a ovular hallway with sepulchers dug into the wall. The adventurers concluded that chamber is the “Family Crypt”.

And now the adventures are exploring the lost tomb of west pauper way. They hope to find the mummy that was once Aiden Bradhall so that they can glean the truth of where the Crown of Illira came from. What will they find and how many will die?

The Crown of Illiria Pt. 1

With Atlas’ return to Hearthland, the Adventurers set to their first goal: finding someone to regenerate Danthgar’s brain. Though Atlas and Raja’s efforts to find a cleric capable of working the divine magic failed, Iona discovered from his half-brother, the High Elf Priest Fairbanks, that the Temple of Pelor had possession of a scroll of regeneration. The adventurer’s purchased the scroll using Hearthland’s incomes and the magnificent holy text was brought forward to the Supreme Magistrate. Atlas channeled the divine energy, acting for a brief moment as a conduit for Pelor rather than Kord, but stumbled! But he felt his god surge through him and help him cast the spell. The Supreme Magistrate of Hearthland was restored to his full faculties! Hurrah!

With Danthgar healed, the adventurers set about researching the Arcanaloth. They discovered Arcanoloths are a type of Yugoloth, which are mercenary fiends who dwell in the place between planes. TThey discovered that Arcanoloth’s are fox headed scribes and notoriously two faced.

The Arcanoloth in Darielen’s tome was named A’Kin and the adventurers suspected the worst. Atlas called him forth as a planar ally, but A’Kin sent his imp minion, Gaz, instead. The Imp conveyed A’Kin fears that adventurers would murder him and agreements were made to send one of the adventurers to A’Kin’s home plane if he comes to this plane. The adventurers agreed but needed to wait until the next day to call upon the Arcanoloth. Not wanting his imp to wander, they locked it in a chest and stored the chest in Danthgar’s portable hole.

They had removed the death Knight’s body from the hole and given it to Aldric to store somewhere safe. Aldric thought to hide it in the dungeons but unforunately for him Lilian, the Winter Widow and Elias’ sister, grew distraught. She claimed that the Death Knight was her husband, Ser Demlin of Flen Hill, and she further cursed the adventurers for killing him. She spoke the chant of the Hand of Fate at Danthgar, illustrating she is clearly still a cultist. But the adventurers realized that liberating Ser Demlin’s soul from the curse of undeath is a kindness they can do. In order to free his soul, they discovered they must help him fulfill his oath of vengeance and get the banshee of Flen Hill to forgive him.

The next day, they summoned A’Kin and then Atlas was sent back to A’Kin’s home as per the agreement. After bartering with A’Kin, the adventurers finally made an agreement: A’Kin would be given 1,000 platinum pieces and Lasandra’s shadow dagger in exchange for the locations of all of the Hags of I’Angui’Ka! A’Kin had wanted unbridled access to Hearthland’s Arcane Academy, but the adventurers would not allow it. A’Kin said that in order to locate the Hags, he’d need a body of one of the Hags. He also informed the adventurers that Hags reproduce by kidnapping newborns, eating them, and then birthing a baby one week later that looks exactly the same. But on that new baby girl’s 13th birthday, she turns into a full grown hag who looks strikingly familiar to her hag mother.

The Adventurers realized that the orphan baby Iona, Atlas, Feurdan and Griffon Squad had found in Hearthland’s sewers was a hag child. With Fairbanks’ help, Atlas confirmed this. Though Lasandra and Raja argued the greater good, Atlas and Iona refused to slay the baby now when there’s still a (divine) chance it can be saved. And they told Fairbanks to flee town with the baby. Raja claimed that team unity is more critical than speed when it comes to stopping I’Angui’Ka and sided with Atlas.

With this Hag-Baby out of their grasps, the adventurers realized they must find another Hag’s body to give to A’Kin for his magics to work. And so they taveled to Charadil, the vast brutally capitalistic city that few can cross in a day. Elias had a scheduled meeting with a contact here called “Seeker” who supposedly knew the location of the Tomb of Aiden Bradhall, the only person (other than Fenriel Alderbranch) who knew where the Crown of Illiria was recovered from. Lasandra, having spent years in Charadil, knew the way about and hired a carriage driver, Rukom, to get them hastily through the territory of Count Monbank and King Corrence Hellen, and into the property of Lady Jayna Cloud. There they traveled to the Hanging Inn to meet Elias’ contact, Seeker.

Just as Lasandra had been in the past, Elias wasn’t aware of the theive’s cant at play. But Lasandra had said the phrase before and knew what to expect. Unfortunately, as the adventurers waited, Danthgar pressured a gang member into gambling, offering him fortunes should he win and threatening to remove an eye should he lose. With such high stakes, the bandit used weighted dice to cheat Danthgar. Danthgar was enraged by this slight and hit the man. Seeing their friend under attack, the other bandits stood up and drew their weapons. Danthgar took this opportunity to crush the cheating man’s head with his morning star and intimidate the others into leaving. The other bandits left, threatening to cut off Danthgar’s head but Danthgar got the last word in, scaring them silent. The other adventuers had nothing but contempt for Danthgar’s action and so he left to find Jayna Cloud’s manse.

With the departure of everyone in the bar, the adventurers waited. Soon they saw their contact, a dwarf named “Seeker” who can’t keep an accent, enter but still they waited until 3 am to meet. At 3 am they were led downstairs into a small room for conversation. Lasandra subtly cast Truesight and saw that the dwarf had a true form of a changeling but something was empty about him. Something was missing. But Lasandra did not know what yet she suspected this changeling was Delaine, the changeling she had previously met in the Palace of Corrence Hellen.

Seeker knew a great deal about the Bradhall crypt and shared it with the Adventurers for 100gp. He told them that long ago (200 years) Aiden Bradhall was a powerful man in Charadil, but after his death (150 years ago) his family line fell into despair. Eventually (50 years ago) his great great grandson and then-Patriarch of the Bradhall line, Toll Bradhall, sought to regain the family’s glory. He studied necromancy and eventually turned himself into a lich and his dead family into mummies so that he could learn the secrets of their success. Eventually, adventurers came and defeated Toll, but they could not find his Phylactery. And so they magically sealed the tomb shut, guarded it with a Shield Guardian, and built a house over it so that none would ever find it. The house’s address is 828 West Pauper St.

Tired, the adventurers traveled to the manse of Jayna Cloud where they were offered beds and food (though they never saw Jayna Cloud).

Now the adventures awake in Lady Jayna Cloud’s estate. They must delve into the horrible tomb with the Demilich inside if they wish to find Aiden Bradhalls undead self and from him learn where the Crown of Illiria was recovered from. Only then can they begin their search for the tool Aliyay once used to free King Messimen from the Crown’s control. And what of hags body? Without it, the adventurers have no way of knowing where I’Angui’Ka has slithered to.

Rogue Wizards Pt. 2

The Adventurers explored the chamber that the grick’s had been shaping into their lair. There they found a mauled body of a student, which the gricks hadn’t eaten. Iona noticed that the dead student’s head was depressed in the back, as though whatever inside had been drained.

From there, the adventurers crept down a flight stairs to a locked door. Not wanting to risk a trap, everyone climbed into the portable hole, and Lasandra opened teleported to the far side with Elias. Everyone climbed out of the whole, enshrouded in the fog of Lasandra’s wild magic, and discovered the room was a natural cavern, with heavy burrows where umber hulks had been. At the far end of the room was a pile of dirt disappearing behind the wall and smelling of sulfur. A wurm tunnel branched off in either direction from the pile of dirt.

The adventurers followed the tunnel to the left, encountering a tight room full of stalagtites and black puddings, which dissolved Elias’ robes, Raja’s leathers, and ruined Danthgar’s mace.

In an attempt to flee from the Oozes, the adventurers fled straight into a cavern where a robed man sat muttering, as if summoning the elemental bound within a magic circle in front of him. Danthgar rushed to stop the summoning, only to realize he had been tricked! His morningstar collided with the enthralled student with the sunken head, knocking him unconscious. But at that moment the mind flayer stepped from the shadows and wrapped its tentacles around Danthgar’s head. Danthgar was stunned as the mind flayer telepathic power lulled him from his sense. And though the other adventurers rushed forward, none came quick enough to save Danthgar. The Illithid’s tentacles drove into his brain, scrambling it and rewiring him as a thrall! But before the mind flyer could do more harm, Elias cast disintegrate and completely destroyed the illithid and all of his possessions.

They followed a ladder upwards into a hidden alter room. Beyond a door they found a hundred foot hall of sleeping chambers for monks. There, the special needs Danthgar tried to eat a rat, which just so happened to have been a polymorphed Satyr!

The Satyr was annoying as all Satyrs are but was able to give information about I’Angui’Ka.He told them of I’angui’Ka’s origins at the settling of Delecanth but he lacked many details. He also informed them of the second Mind Flayer, who had the book, Darielen’s summons, which the adventurers sought.

Knowing where the MInd Flayer was, Iona lathered himself in Ethereal oil and spied on him. With the exact knowledge of the mindflayer’s position, the adventurers strategized how to brutalize him. Lasandra and Elias teleported in while Iona slipped through in an etheral state. Danthgar smashed the book from his hands, Raja forced him to dance, and then Elias disintegrated the illithid. All before he could even act.

With the book in their possesion, the adventurers returned to Hearthland. They’ve kept Danthgar’s conditions hushed up, for people knowing that their lord and eternal defender had become incapable of coherent thought would surely bring panic. Aldric also informed them that the Hearthland Ambassador to Delendria, the Warlock RIovanes, has gone missing.

Now, the adventurers must continue their quest to stop thwart whatever evil I’Angui’Ka is planning, and more question arise!

What does baroness Nosaline Montit, who’s name was on I’Angui’Ka’s list, mean to do with her army? What has happened to the ambassador? What information does the Arcanaloth have? How will they mend Danthgar’s mind? And what of the crown of the crown of Illiria?

Rogue Wizards pt. 1
Sunday, Nov. 8th, 2015

The adventures gathered on Hearthland’s Council chambers to discuss the campaign to thwart I’angui’ka.

They had two paths to pursue:
1) Meet Elias’ contact, “Seeker”, at Charadil’s Hanging Inn to find out information about the Crown of Illiria.

2) Track down the rogue students who murdered a fellow student and stole the book, Darielen’s Summons.

The adventurers chose to pursue the students, knowing that the book contained the name of a spirit Raja must contact in order to discover important information about I’angui’ka.

The adventurers met with the fey touched Grand Mistress of Transmutation, Ealan at the arcane academy. She told them that the three students Bedros, Tenriel, and Hyla had murdered Allimet Lamwaise by tying him down, cracking open his skull and eating his brain. The students had accidentally left behind a map of Pontbridge, where Hyla was from, with several circled buildings. They also left the pieces of cypher to translate common to Quoron, the language of the mind flayers. They chose to go to the city of Alaborough, following a lead about a girls body that had turned up in the waters.

They flew over the ferry town of Maudlin aboard Danthgar’s airship. Once in the grand city of Alaborough, seat of Baronness Nosaline Montit, they sought after word of the dead girl. They worked to feed the fisherman who found the body and finally met with Nosaline Montit. While eating dinner under the watchful eyes of Legionnaires, they discovered that the Baronness has raised her banners but cannot make any acts of war due to an ongoing filibuster in the House of Commons. The adventurers realized that Montit is a Turathi loyalist and her army is an easy three day March from Hearthland.

While given the baroness’ husband a ride on the snow laden airship, the adventurers spotted hydras attacking the ferry. Raja turned one into a goat while Lasandra fooled the others mind with mad hallucinations. The adventurers slew the hallucinating hydra and then took the polymorphed Hydra up high in the air, slit it’s throat and let it fall to its death while it reverted back to hydra form.

With the Hydras defeated, the heroes were celebrated and thanked. But that night they sought out Fortar in the seedy underbelly of Alaborough called Tabernet Way. Fortar, the silver haired halfling ranger with a pet snake, told the adventurers of the slaughtered sheep he found near Maudlin, with tracks headed south east.

The adventurers took the airship, passing again over Maudlin, and came across a tower that was all rotted through. They crawled to the basement of the tower, and while sitting in the puddle of water and melted snow, they chose to patch their wounds for an hour. A curious owl bear arrived but was quickly scared off.

Behind the basement door of the tower the adventurers found chained skeletons. Written in blood on the wall was, “The Arrows of Khizdalbush will blot out the eyes of white. It worked”. In the next room they found an evil alter that offered wisdom beyond compare, but Iona abjured it’s dark magic.

Knowing that hulking slug like things with pronged tentacles and beaks (gricks) were in the next room, the adventures tried to sneak passed. Their efforts failed and they had to put the gricks down.

Now the adventurers stand in the aged stone halls, the smell of burned Grick flesh plaguing their nostrils. Horrors wait beyond the smashed wooden portcullis. But they must press on.

Hearthland Report
November, 267 D.F.

The Hearthland Report updates will serve as general announcements about things that have happened in and around Hearthland by Danthgar and his Council. These decisions are usually handled away from the table but a lot of minor quest leads and world building can be found in them

Edicts from Supreme Magistrate

  • Outlawed public dumping and littering.
  • Commanded construction of a disposal site in the Market to remove waste from public streets.
  • Arranged for a memorial procession to honor those who died this month fighting Khotlogch Shutdeg
  • Announced that the Palace would begin hiring a staff of servants and guards again. There are 45 guard positions available, 5 professional positions, and 50 servant positions.
  • Commanded the Construction of a Warship to serve as the new flagship of Hearthland’s fleet (which is currently 0 ships).
  • Publically forbade Baron Walton Arkady of Graygrasp (Lord of the Southwest Province of the Westerlands) from auctioning the resource rights of the Styth Wetlands.
  • Announced in partnership with the temple of Ioun, the “Seal of Ioun”. This seal will be placed on all historical writings that the Temple of Ioun deems accurate as a way to promote accurate information.

War Effort

  • The Town of Welfall on the Northwest coast of the Westerlands was liberated from a Hobgoblin raiding force by Hearthland’s army.
  • Hearthland’s forces fought off Kobolds that attacked Hearthland’s southeast farms. The Kobolds fled to the Swampback Mountains.
  • Hearthland Warforged foiled an outlaw attempt to rob 50 tons of Iron from the Jundin Hill mine stores. Several bandits escaped through magical means and others were taken into custody.
    *!The Dragon Turtle of Hearthland’s bay has grown braver and is moving into Hearthland fishing territory more casually.
  • Tax Dodgers were put in their place thanks to Hearthland guards.
  • A ravenous pack of wolves that had been harrying trappers in the Ravenwood was slain by Hearthland Knights.


  • The resting place of the Crown of Illiria is the key to breaking the charm magic I’Angui’Ka is using (see the Wiki for further info) and the person who discovered the resting place 200 years ago, Fenriel Alderbranch, may be an agent of I’Angui’Ka. Elias investigated the recovery of the Crown from its resting place and his agents discovered that a human named Aiden Bradhall was with Alderbranch at the time. But Bradhall’s been dead for 150 years and his tomb is lost. Elias has a lead in Charadil called “Seeker” who may know the location of the tomb.
  • Elias identified that one of the names on I’Angui’Ka’s list, Jetha Fisher, has been discovered in Julara headed east. Jetha Fisher was a former sailor under Skamos the Firesword and Skamos has last been spotted in Eastern Julara.
(I'Angui'Ka) The story so far...
A recap of events


263 D.F.

Danthgar, Jamben, and Talos help Damakos cure all tieflings of the soul curse, but open up an ancient prison tomb in the process freeing everything inside.

April of 264 D.F.

Elias Trask, Liam Green, Noola Amalda’Laure and Thamh Shalesplitter make a deal with Damakos the procurer (who hasn’t yet made his political power grab). They are to travel to Byuriat and retrieve a spellbook called the soul forge before a secretive evil group can.

In the abandoned dark woods village of Palenstein, the adventurers stop a hag attempting to open an ancient stone crypt behind a waterfall, she reveals to them that the secret evil is called I’Angui’Ka.

While wearing a cursed scrying Mirror, Elias Trask has visions of a place “deep beneath stones streets he’s never known” where he sees his old maester plotting with hags. Maester Irridain wears a crown of wood and his eyes are made of rough cut emeralds.

May of 264 D.F

Atlas Nielgrub, Xahn, Bowen Brigley, and Thraen thwart a hags effort to manipulate the Lord of the Kirin Vale and uncover secrets about an artifact called the Gozzalit Thruum.

June of 264 D.F
Noola, Thamh, Elias, and Liam help the D’Nul high shaman (Ituha) restore balance to the elements amidst a D’Nul civil war. They bond with the Apprentice Shaman, Vayan Sinderren. They discover a hag called the Crone has orchestrated the civil war and corrupted Bloodbear, Noola’s brother. The Crone came from the Tot’s’way people and is part of I’Angui’Ka. The adventurers thwart her efforts in a sacred D’Nul burial grove, but not before she animates the buried D’Nul into strange vine, bark and leaf covered creatures. These Blights step into the pool of water, disappearing through a Fey crossing. Elias’ Maester appears in the pool, beckoning Elias to come with, but the Turathi star on Elias’ hand burns, causing him to turn back from joining.

August 264 D.F.

Lasandra is hired to steal the crown of Illiria from the chromatic order. She discovers the crown has already been stolen by I’Angui’Ka and that the caper was actually a test by the Chromstic Order to see if she should be brought in to their ranks. She becomes Lasandra Purple and is soon dispatched to find Liam Green.

August 264 D.F – December 265 D.F.
Liam and Vayan head to the Red Lands and Elias, Noola, and Thamh meet Atlas and Xahn in the sunrise mountains. They enter into the Dwarven deep roads. Here they learn of Hadar, kill Xahn, Meet Danthgar the Reborn, put a stop to the many that are one, abandon their pact with Damakos, Discover Damakos’ involvement with TMTAO and Corvix Fallright, meet Lasabdra Purple, crown Elena Carthian in Selice, Noola becomes a Tiefling, and all emerge as Samradaw of Khazi. They also discover that the Soul Forge was once the Spellbook of Maggtrig and that the powerful artifact, the Gozzalit Thruum, was his hand. Using the Gozzalit Thruum, Prince Aluksand does a prophetic drawing of Elias wreathed in snakes wearing the hand.

June 266 D.F

The Adventurers finally return to Delecanth for much needed regularity. Elias becomes a detective, Danthgar rules, Lasandra spies with the Chromatic Order, Atlas practices his faith, and Noola becomes engaged to Damakos.

December 266 D.F.
An adventuring group including Paul Allandan, Girven Krankle and more search the catacombs and sewers beneath Hearthland to find their missing captain. They never return.

July 267 D.F.

Deep beneath the stone streets of Hearthland, Atlas, Iona, Feurdan and the rest of Griffon Squad come across a secret I’Angui’Ka enclave. They find a poison that makes a mind completely vulnerable to charm magic, chewed up baby bones, and a list of names with some crossed out. Soon after they find a live crying human baby, a Hag pouring a liquid into the waters at her feet, a dominated Palladin, and Maester Irridain! Atlas prays to the gods for aid and Grummsh intervenes, rocking Hearthland with an earthquake. The roof collapses killing the hag but Irridain and the Palladin escape through a curtain of vines.

August – September 267 D.F.

The Federeation of Delecanth conference is attacked by the Hand of Fate. The adventures seek out the Hand of Fate and discover they’re led by a Shadow Dragon wishing to plunge Delecanth into eternal winter. They put a stop to her, but she escapes to Byuriat, vowing revenge against Iona Brightcoast. Meanwhile, Khotlogch Shutdeg invades Delecanth’s North, tying up Damakos’ forces from pursuing I’Angui’Ka. Lasandra and Noola venture to the past and discover the horrifying imminence of Hadar.

October 267 D.F.
Damakos and Noola are wed, the protectorate agrees to push against both Khotlogch Shutdeg and I’Angui’Ka (meaning soldiers will soon be conscripted). Lasandra grows suspicious of the benefactor of the Chromatic Order, Fenriel Alderbranch, realizing that his loss of the crown of Illiria to I’Angui’Ka could not have been an accident.

November 267 D.F.

Elias, Atlas, Zola Wanderstone, and Tito Ushnar stop I’Angui’Ka from stripping Ituha of his shamanistic powers. But they discover the culprit is none other than Vayan Sinderran, and his eyes are rough cut emeralds!

And now the adventurers must follow the threads they’ve uncovered for years and unravel I’Angui’Ka’s scheme before the coven can achieve their goal: Complete anhiliation of civilization.


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