Brother Creator

The only thing known about Brother Creator is that he is not a hag, he transmutationally engineered the Gargantuan, Armored, Sentient Pumpkin and wrote the letter below to Aminah, who was one of The Hags.

The Letter


In the parcel you will find a very important young version of our creation. It is one of the first of its kind and it will not be the last.

Hold off on using Sister Composer’s spell until our sister in the North has succeeded and convinced the Shutdeg to attack Talon Pass. Once awoken by the spell, the creation will try to make its escape driven by fear and anger.

Instruction for tending the creation:

Plant it inside and use all druidic craft available to you to ensure it grows and is healthy. Plant it somewhere where it will feel trapped and cannot see the sun. Grow it in a place that would make any normal creature feel jailed. The creation must feel the drive to escape or else it will not dig.

Once the creation reaches the size of a man, it’s will toughen until it’s near as sturdy as the carapace of the Monstrosity I modeled transmutation on. Once it is the size of a horse you’ll notice thorns sprouting along the ends of its vines. By the time it is the size of a house, the thorns will be as sharp as adamantine and the natural magic within it will ensure they can easily cut through anything, even bedrock*. At this point, the creation will not need tending from you and all that you need do is to awaken it.

[The letter goes on to detail exact schedules for watering and feeding the creation]

Brother Creator
P.S. Be sure that the vines grow in such a way that the thorns do not come into contact with the creations skin! They can pierce right through it!

Brother Creator

Delecanth Spibb Spibb