(Quest) The Bradhall Line

Bradhall family Tomb, where Aiden Bradhall was interred, was sealed up and lost 30 years ago. At that time, the family Patriarch, Toll Bradhall, became a Lich and weaved evil throughout Charadil with the aid of Property Lord Xavier Kal. The Lich, Toll Bradhall, turned Aiden and the rest of his family into undead mummies. The entire Bradhall line is sealed within the family crypt.


  • Objective 1: Allow the mummy of Aiden Bradhall to rest by returning the three stolen Magic Items to their resting place inside the tomb. The items are:

1) Suresteel, an elven longsword and personal blade of Aiden Bradhall. Held in safe keeping by Garreth Great-Axe Dunn. (1000xp)

2) Chastity, the rapier of Tabitha Bradhall. Garreth gave the blade to his daughter, Joanne, who ranaway and used transmutation magic to become a boy. She is called “Jonah Dunn” now and is hiding somewhere in the Styth Wetlands. (1000xp)

3) Armor of Demlin Bradhall, a set of light magical plate now being worn by Khulan Noyan, the Red Wraith. (1000xp)

  • Objective 2: Destroy the demilich of Toll Bradhall. (5,000xp)

(Quest) The Bradhall Line

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